Timeless – Louiz Banks ft. Mohini Dey & Gino Banks – Instrumental Music | #LifeIsMusic

Watch Pianist Louiz Banks, Percussionist Taufiq Qureshi, Sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee, Drummer Gino Banks and Bass Guitarist Mohini Dey perform on the latest track on #LifeIsMusic, titled Timeless. Composed by Louiz Banks, Timeless is inspired by the sun, the wind, and the flowing river. Timeless has a distinct flavor to it, spiced up by the Indian Classical touch that Sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee brings to it through his Sitar riff. Ace Percussionist Taufiq Qureshi adds sheer brilliance on Bongos and Cajón in the track. The musicians also add that Timeless is like Detour, but a detour by plane. Enjoy this light Jazz number that slowly becomes a full-blown Fusion piece. This is surely the musical piece that once heard, will linger on for a long time in the mind. Don’t forget to catch the magnificence of watching Gino Banks ‘drum’ up some magic in this mesmerizing piece.


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