Bombay Ducks all-set for Scooby Doo | Louiz Banks

Bombay Ducks, mentored by Louiz Banks, also known as the Godfather of Indian Jazz, play a Funk-based track titled Scooby Doo. The track’s energetic and pumpy tune is sure to add spark to a monotonous day.

The funky Rock-based track has been written by the band’s Guitarist, Raghuraman Ramasubramanian and his high-pitched Guitar riff is one that will make you go wow.

Avadhoot Phadke provides immense support to the track’s Western feel while Anmol Lomjail on the Bass Guitar and Sanchit Mhatre on the Drums, create a beautiful musical backdrop.

Purbayan Chatterjee, the Sitar Maestro believes that Scooby Doo is intelligent songwriting, and he especially likes Raghuraman’s chromatic change to B-flat during the performance. He also adds that he liked Anmol’s attitude on the Bass and Avadhoot’s Flute playing skills.

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