#LifeIsMusic – Episode 10: Mist In May – SAKHA – Instrumental Music

The last musical band to perform this week is SAKHA, mentored by Percussion maestro Taufiq Qureshi. The track titled Mist In May is composed by Sarod player Sarang Kulkarni and is loosely-based on Kambhoji, Bageshri and Jhinjhoti raagas of indian Classical Music. The track is serene and engulfs you with the feeling of calm despite a busy and rather stressful day in a regular city life. The quartet surely brings out the soul in the music through the melodic performance. At the end of the performance, Jazz maestro Louiz Banks says there’s romanticism and lyricism in the tune and it is one of the finest he has heard. He also adds that Sarang’s music makes you feel the emotions and age has nothing to do with it. He praises the band by calling them a “couple of maestros playing on the stage”. Sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee felt he was in a concert as he listened to SAKHA playing. He lauds Abhay’s slight Blues switch from Carnatic music and also mentions how both Sarang and Abhay juggled the music very well between the two of them. The band’s mentor Taufiq Qureshi smiles on like a proud father as he praises his band and gives them all his blessings while also mentioning that they played in a very relaxed manner, something that’s required to deliver an ace act.

SAKHA is leading the #LifeIsMusic competition uptil now but Taufiq Qureshi asks them to be more focused and not get complacent. The other bands also gather on stage at the end of the performance as Taufiq Qureshi opines that #LifeisMusic is not about competition, it’s about great music.For more online instrumental music and #LifeIsMusic Season Visit our website:http://www.lifeismusic.in/

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