#LifeIsMusic – Episode 9: Cafe Monaco – 1023MB – Instrumental Music

1023MB, led by Sitar Maestro Purbayan Chatterjee, performs a soothing Jazz number titled Café Monaco. The tune is pepped by the strumming of the Sitar with constant support given by the Keyboard and the Drums. The Slide Guitar riff in the beginning of the track, is loosely-based on Raaga Shivranjani.

This free-flowing track bridges harmony and melody. 1023MB has delivered this number straight from the heart.

Jazz Maestro Louiz Banks is all praises for the performance and calls it a lyrical composition, while also showering accolades to the Drums, Keyboard, the solos and the jugalbandi. Percussion Maestro Taufiq Qureshi too believes that the Drums could have been a little better, but all-in-all a good performance. The band’s mentor Purbayan Chatterjee believes that the performance could have been a little better, like they were in their practice session. However, he motivated his band for a better performance next week.

1023MB is the last musical band to perform this week. The three bands have been scored basis their musical prowess. Watch the full episode to know the results! For more online instrumental music and #LifeIsMusic Season Visit our website: http://www.lifeismusic.in/

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