Mahakumbh – SAKHA, 1023MB & Bombay Ducks – Instrumental Music | #LifeIsMusic

#LifeIsMusic’s solo winners, Ratan Bharati who won The Outstanding Soloist title for his exceptional Slide Guitar playing skills, Raghuraman Ramasubramanian and Keyur Barve, who was titled The Outstanding Rhythm player during last week’s result announcements, perform a piece called Sunset Summit. The track is based on Raaga Shree, a popular Hindustani Classical Raaga, that’s played at sunset.

Sunset Summit showcases the randomness that sets in during sunset in people. Listen to this track as it reminds you of all that is connected with the sunset hour when the sun bids adieu to the world and gives way for the moonlight to take over and fill everyone’s life with peace and tranquility.

Keyur Barve on Drums and Raghuraman on the Guitar complement Ratan on his Slide Guitar in this composition.

Let’s start a musical journey and explore our huge collection of instrumental music, best instrumental songs, and musical band online, only on #LifeIsMusic.

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