#LifeIsMusic – Episode 2: Jimi Comes to India – Louiz Banks – Instrumental music

Jimi Comes to India, a Rock composition by Louiz Banks is an instrumental ode to rock legend, Jimi Hendrix by the maestros, Louiz Banks, Taufiq Qureshi and Purbayan Chatterjee. The trio is accompanied by the 18-year-old guitar genius Mohini Dey.
Purbayan Chatterjee’s Sitar riff reminds Louiz Banks of the legendary rockstar, Jimi Hendrix’s performance, with only one difference, this time it’s a Sitar and not a Guitar.Louiz Banks amalgamates Rock music with instrumental to create ‘Jimi Comes to India’, a composition that he is sure would make Jimi Hendrix smile if he were alive today.
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