#LifeIsMusic – Episode 12: Lost In Arabia – Bombay Ducks – Instrumental music

Bombay Ducks play Lost In Arabia, their final performance as a band on the #LifeIsMusic stage. Mentored by Jazz Maestro Louiz Banks, the band has yet again proven their mettle with their performance this week. Lost In Arabia, based on Raaga Bhairav has been written by Guitarist Raghuraman Ramasubramanian and is played by Avadhoot Phadke on the Flute with Raghu and Anmol Lomjail giving support on the Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar respectively. Sanchit Mhatre keeps the Drum engaged with his playing during this 8-minute long performance. Watch out for the pace of the song that goes from slow to fast and back to slow in a rhythmic manner.

Percussion Maestro Taufiq Qureshi says that he enjoyed the performance and the song sounded like a trip to Arabia via Maharashtra, due to the Lavani feel that the audience can hear in the midst of the song. Sitar Maestro Purbayan Chatterjee feels that the track was well played and skillfully done by the band. The band’s mentor, Louiz Banks feels that the Drums seemed a tad low but all-in-all it was a musical travelogue. Taufiq Qureshi adds that it was a trip around the world in 8 minutes.

Keep watching the complete performance to know the results of the week and of the #LifeIsMusic competition. Watch out for the super idea by the three maestros on this episode!

Let’s start a musical journey and explore our huge collection of instrumental music, best instrumental songs, and musical band online, only on #LifeIsMusic.

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