Unresolved – SAKHA – Instrumental Music | #LifeIsMusic

SAKHA, mentored by ace Percussionist Taufiq Qureshi, will be playing a track titled Unresolved, which is based on a Carnatic raaga called Nasikabhushani in Episode 8: Part III, the beginning to the #LifeIsMusic competition. Electric Guitarist Abhay Nayampally introduces this piece to the judges. Drummer Keyur Barve and Bass Guitarist Hansel Dias provide great support with their instrumental music prowess. Sarod Player Sarang Kulkarni brings in a different flavor to the track with the touch of the Sarod chords. Watch out for Abhay’s solo that gives much respite to a stressed soul.The 12th #LifeIsMusic contestants come together to perform Mahakumbh on the stage. Listen to the harmony as it enlivens your senses completely. Let’s start a musical journey and explore our huge collection of instrumental music, best instrumental songs, and musical band online, only on #LifeIsMusic.
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