Zayn Malik Throws a “Pillow” on One Direction

PillowTalk by Zayn Malik proved why going solo was the right thing for him. He has the potential to be one of the best solo artists and he doesn’t require a band. Though his breakup with 1D about an year ago left his fans heartbroken, but his latest single PillowTalk tells that it was right thing to do.

The song will be featured in his album ‘Mind of Mine’ which will be released in March, 2016. Some of the songs are stories about him and his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards. Quite ironically, his single PillowTalk features his new 20 year old real life girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Zayn and Gigi are seen romancing in this beautiful video which has reached the number 1 position in 60 countries, (Top 3 in 77 countries, Top 10 in 83 countries) 11 hours after its release including US, UK and Germany.

Just after the song was uploaded on YouTube, Zyan’s ex-girlfriend, Perrie Edwards posted a picture in instagram as a mockery. The picture depicts Edwards making a song sitting topless on her bed surrounded by “Pillows”.

Perrie Edwards Topless


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